Journey Through History: Exploring Oldsmobile Archives and Amazing Classic Cars

Developed by Oldsmobile, the Toronado’s Unitized Power Package (UPP) ingeniously packaged a Rocket V8 and Hydra-Matic transmission into an engine bay no larger than that of a conventional rear-wheel-drive model. It was America’s first full-size front-wheel-drive car since the 1930s Cords.

Styled by GM’s chief stylist Bill Mitchell, the Toronado was conceived as a sleek fastback coupé; undeniably one of the most handsome American cars of its day, it is also one of the most desirable of post-war Oldsmobiles. As the company’s top-of-the-range model, it was exceptionally well-equipped, even in standard form; early versions produced before the 1971 restyle are considered more collectible.






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